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Blog Comment Policy

Welcome to Hello Healthy, the MyFitnessPal blog, a space designed to support and inform MyFitnessPal users and anyone who shares our desire to lead healthier lives. The MyFitnessPal team is dedicated to delivering readers interesting, informative content and sharing evidence-based recommendations to improve the health of our community. We encourage the blog to be a space for intelligent discussions, healthy debate and sharing of beneficial information. To facilitate this we have developed guidelines and a moderating system to ensure blog comments and conversations remain respectful, engaging, informative, relevant and safe for all.

Comment Policy

MyFitnessPal reserves the right to edit, remove, or refuse comments at our discretion determined to contain or links to content that:

  • is irrelevant or off-topic

  • contains defamatory, offensive or threatening statements

  • contains obscene, profane or indecent language

  • promotes harmful or dangerous behaviors

  • endorses or solicits products or services

  • promotes personal blogs

  • is otherwise in violation of the MyFitnessPal Community Guidelines

We feel strongly that posts or actions disregarding these guidelines jeopardize the positive atmosphere of MyFitnessPal. Such comments may lead to consequences including warning, suspension or permanent revocation of commenting privileges. Instances of such will be handled directly by the MyFitnessPal team.

Our comment guidelines are enforced 24/7 by a moderating system comprised of team staff and moderation tools. We encourage the MyFitnessPal community to flag or notify us inappropriate or concerning comments so they may be quickly brought to our attention and reviewed.